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Right to withdraw from purchase and sale agreement (only for consumers).

You have a right to return your product within 14 days from the date you have got it.

Return procedure:

The goods must be sent by Omniva terminal (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania) or registered post (for other European countries). The parcel must be securely packaged to prevent damage to the contents during the transportation.  The Buyer shall bear the risk of the destruction or damage of returned item till the delivery thereof to the Seller.

Before returning the goods contact us by e-mail: boutiquenoorkuu@gmail.comThe letter must include your contacts, order number and reason of the return.

Return shipping charges are the responsibility of the buyer.

The following conditions must be met when returning goods:

-The item must be undamaged by the buyer;

-The gift box must be undamaged by the buyer;

-The product must be unused.

- Products with your engraving, or products where you choose your length or clasp material are not refundable, because they are produced by your individual order. 

-Diamond products have official certificate and are not returnable. 

Failure to comply with the terms of the returned item will return the item to the buyer and the money will not be refunded.


Money back within 5 days d. from the date of return of the consignment to the seller. The Buyer shall get a refund in the amount of the total price paid for the item excluding delivery costs.​

Return of defective goods

Upon receipt of item, the Buyer shall be obliged to immediately inspect it, check its quality and make sure that the item is defect-free. If delivered goods fail to comply with quality requirements, the Buyer should immediately contact online store (refer to general contacts specified in section “Contacts” of online store), specify the defects of the item and provide photographs.

Defect shall be removed and poor-quality goods shall be exchanged or returned in accordance with the requirements of legislation of the Republic of Estonia. 

The item shall not be accepted or exchanged if the Buyer failed to notify the Seller within reasonable time limit from the moment the Buyer noticed or should have noticed the defect and did not specify requirements the item did not comply with.


The Buyer shall bear the risk of the destruction or damage of returned item till the delivery thereof to the Seller. If it is determined that the item is of poor-quality, return expenses shall be paid by the Seller.

The Seller shall have the right not to accept item returned by the Buyer and not to comply with request, if defects of the item resulted from improper use, mechanical damage or any other actions of the Buyer or due to natural wear and tear.

In case of return of wrong item and/or poor-quality item, the Seller shall undertake to accept it and remove defects or replace with analogical quality item. If the Seller does not have proper items for replacement, the amount paid including deliver costs shall be refunded to the Buyer.

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